Taylor Environmental Group is an Indianapolis based business practicing its services in and around central Indiana. We will travel but it needs to be something routine.

This company was created to provide excellent service and products at a competative price while contributing to the Environment. TEG was also created to be a small multi tool (Swiss Army Knife) for Developers, Builders, Property Management Companies, other Contractors and many more businesses.

Our employees at TEG enjoy when customers have blueprints and/or material numbers.(Yards, feet, INFO) TEG believes in building relationships with reliability. The people at TEG will not take on any project that we are not qualified for with out expert consulting or knowledge of the customer.

Our web site is designed to be a quick read. Please spend a couple minutes and check it out. To the right side of the page are some companies that TEG works with. Feel free to contact TEG or affiliated companies about any questions, products or services.